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Divine and Sacred Gospel Bilingual Edition

A uniquely beautiful hardbound Gospel book with gilded edges, two page marker ribbons. Each Gospel comes in a green clothbound gold-stamped slipcase. Printed on 100gsm acid-free light cream paper, this edition includes original color illuminations based on ancient prototypes and finely pencil-drawn iconographic illustrations that give it a uniquely beautiful Orthodox aesthetic. The text also includes marginal notes (Old Testament references, Gospel reference locators, and select Synaxarion notices) that enhance the Gospel text for study and usability.

Purity of the Heart

The newest edition to the Spiritual Life series by Hieromonk Gregorios

What is the heart? How is it corrupted and how is it made clean? To these questions, as well as in the description of the heavenly gifts that are being prepared for the pure in heart, the Saints give answer with their sanctified words and their miraculous lives. 

Light of the World

A collection of thirty prayers to Jesus Christ, along with a concluding prayer to God the Father. Intended as a companion volume to Mother of the Light: Prayers to the Theotokosthe prayers to Christ collected in this volume are remarkable for the intensity of religious feelings they express, as well as for their strongly compunctive and confessional character. 


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