Vladimir Ilievski (1989, Skopje) is a visual artist whose primary occupation is painting. He attended Lazar Lichenoski High School of the Arts, and specialized in the applied arts. In 2012, Vladimir graduated from Ss. Cyril and Methodios University with a Bachelor of Arts in Painting.

His art, in terms of subject is primarily figurative with a focus on simple themes and objects, while also transmitting the inner psychological disposition of the artist together with the aspects of the external environment, whether permanent or ephemeral. The principal features of his work are the manner in which a subject is painted, including the choice of color, tone, and stroke, rather than the subject itself. Most of his works share similar characteristics, such as dynamism, energy, and rhythm of brushstrokes. Ilievski is credited with nine solo exhibitions, and has participated in many group exhibitions and art events.
Vladimir has worked as an integral part of Newrome Press’ team since 2014.