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Available in the first quarter of 2021

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The Divine and Sacred Gospel with Metal Cover

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An exquisite edition for the Holy Altar Table, clad in Metal


Includes Gospel text IN gold and silver plated Metal Cover.

Translation: This edition of the Gospel includes the text of the Eastern / Orthodox Bible (EOB) – an Orthodox English translation of the New Testament based on the Patriarchal text of 1904. The Patriarchal Text of 1904 is the normative edition of the Liturgical text of Holy Gospel for the Orthodox Church.

More about this Edition: This uniquely beautiful 420pp publication is hardbound in red cloth with gold stamping, gilded edges, two page marker ribbons, and includes a clothbound gold-stamped slipcase. Printed on 120gsm acid-free light cream paper, this edition includes original color illuminations based on ancient prototypes and finely pencil-drawn iconographic illustrations that give it a uniquely beautiful Orthodox aesthetic. The text also includes marginal notes (Old Testament references, Gospel reference locators, and select Synaxarion notices) that enhance the Gospel text for study and usability.

Hierarchical Blessings:This edition has received the Hierarchical blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Iakovos of Chicago (GOA), His Grace Bishop Basil of Wichita (AOCA), and His Grace Bishop David of Sitka and Alaska (OCA).

Metal Cover:The metal cover depicts and icon of the Crucified Lord on one side, and the Resurrection on the other.


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