Orthodox Church in the World: Talks and Discussions

by Birth of the Theotokos Monastery

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Author: Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos
Pages: 435pp

About the Book

Theological talks given by Metropolitan Hierotheos on the subjects that include Personalism and Person, Theology as Science and as Charisma, The Hesychastic Life according to St. Basil the Great, and Orthodox Psychotherapy, together with wide-ranging discussions that took place afterwards with the audiences. The final chapters is devoted to St. Paissy Velchikovsky – A Great Hesychast Father who 'unites the Holy Mountain with the Balkans and Russia.'

From the Preface by the Author:

I have been given the opportunity to visit many Orthodox Churches in the East and West and I ascertained that everywhere the same theological and liturgical tradition exists, and everywhere I have encountered brothers and sisters with the same problems and the same concerns. 
This book is a token of my love for all Orthodox Christians all over the world, who strive to keep the Orthodox faith and tradition, even under difficult conditions.
A selection of just some of the questions addressed by the author:
Theoria and the Uncreated Light
Paradise and Hades
Elder Sophrony and the Person
Hesychasm and Married People
For New Deacons and Priests
Obedience to the Spiritual Father
Holy Communion and Confession
Holy Communion and Holy Relics
Birth Control
Sorrow and Depression
Children and the Church
Children Facing Death
Demonic Attacks on Children
The Historical Context of the Life of St. Gregory Palamas
Influence of the Holy Mountain on the Life of St. Gregory Palamas
The Message of St. Gregory Palamas for our Era
The Mysteries of the Church and Asceticism
Curing People
The Priest as Physician
Confession and Healing
The Soul of the Embryo and 'in vitro' fertilization
Curing Passions
Treating Drug Addicts
The Nature of Political Authority and how to Transcend it
Darwin's Theory of Evolution and the Greatness of Human Beings
The Most Serious Illness Afflicting Humankind
How to Find a Suitable Spiritual Father
Technology and the Pastoral Ministry
……and many others